Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic – Orthopedic Specialist & Technologist

What conditions we treat:

  • Acute Fracture, dislocation & sprain.
  • Non-Urgent Musculoskeletal conditions:
    • Arthritis & Tendonitis
    • Sports Injuries
    • Rotator cuff & shoulder/elbow/wrist/hand conditions
    • Patients who need Joint Injection & Joint Aspiration

What conditions we don’t treat:

  • Chronic Spine conditions
  • Facial/Skull fractures

*Any Physician in the community can directly refer their patients to this clinic.

Orthopedic Specialist

Dr. Haifeng Ren MD, MSc, FRCSC (Ortho), Fellowship in Trauma Surgery & Upper extremity Surgery (Canada)

Dr. Haifeng Ren is an Orthopedic Surgery Specialist certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

He completed his Orthopedic Surgery Residency training at McMaster University. Subsequently, he completed two years of Fellowship training, first in “Upper extremity Surgery” at Queen’s University and then in “Trauma Surgery and Upper extremity Surgery” at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Ren runs multiple Fracture Clinics and operates at multiple hospitals in GTA. He is operating the Fracture Clinic at Markham McNicoll Urgent Care Centre (MMUCC) since October 2016.

Orthopedic Technologist

Javad(Jay) Movasseli, Senior Register Advanced Orthopaed

Certified by Canadian Society of Orthopaedic Technologists (CSOT) as a Senior Register Advanced Orthopaed.

Working as Senior Register Advanced Orthopaed at Markham Stouffville Hospital for more than 15 years.

He is working as a Senior Technologist in the Fracture Clinic at Markham McNicoll Urgent Care Centre (MMUCC) since October 2016.

Applies casts, splints & Orthopedic devices for the needy patients

Interior of MMUCC