Policies & Procedures

MMUCC Policies and Procedures

Open Everyday:

  • We are open 365 days a year – We are the only Medical Centre opening everyday in this area.

Regular Long Hours:

  • We open on weekdays (Monday – Friday) : 9AM – 9PM
  • We open on weekends (Saturday – Sunday) : 9AM – 4PM
  • We open on Statutory Holidays from : 9AM – 4PM

Doctor’s right of refusing new patients in the last 30 minutes, due to lot of unseen patients:

  • Even though we advertise the closing times as either 9pm(On working days) or 4pm(On Weekends & Holidays), if there are lot of patients waiting to be seen, clinic doctor has the right to stop taking new patients, in the last 30 minutes before the advertised closing time.

Any change in opening hours due to unavoidable circumstances:

  • Every effort will be taken to follow the regular working hours. If there is an unavoidable
    circumstance (If the Doctor suddenly become sick, doctor attending a conference, any unexpected
    situation happened in the doctor’s family or the doctor is out of town), our opening hours will be
    changed. Any change in working hours will be reflected in our Google Page on a daily basis.

Without Appointment:

  • MMUCC is a Walk-In Clinic and No appointment or doctor’s referral is required to see a doctor.

Patients with Urgent or serious situation will be exempted from waiting order:

  • Even though our Doctors see patients according to the time they get registered, if there is any patient needs to be seen by a Doctor soon, due to his or her serious condition will be exempted, from waiting.

Services that OHIP (Health Card) does not cover:

  • MMUCC physicians provide a range of services that OHIP does not cover. Those services include medical examinations for employment, medical examination for driving, notes for school/work etc.
  • The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) set a standard charge for these services. The cost of these services can be provided to you at your request.

** All patients are responsible for uninsured services. For a full list of the services and prices, please talk to the Receptionist.

Patients without a valid health card:

  • The MMUCC provides insured healthcare services to those residents who have a valid health card. Patients who do not have a valid health card are responsible for the cost of the uninsured services. Reimbursements can take 1-2 months once a valid health card is presented.

Patients with Interim Federal Health (IFH) Program:

  • Please bring Valid IFH papers.
  • The IFH claim form is required to be completed at each visit.

Test result review:

  • The patient must review their test results in person with the doctor. Test results are not given over the phone.

Narcotic Prescription:

  • Narcotics are not prescribed to patients of other doctors.

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