We are an appropriate option, when:

  • You would like to go to the Hospital Emergency department, although your condition is not a life threatening emergency.
  • Your Family Doctor’s office is closed.
  • You cannot see your Family Doctor soon.
  • You don’t have a Family Doctor.
  • Your life style doesn’t permit you to book an appointment in advance and follow that.
  • You want to see a Doctor without an appointment.

We treat any medical illness, such as:

  • Cough & Cold: Common colds, any type of cough with or without fever.
  • Allergies & Asthma Attacks: Any allergic reaction, sudden rash/itching & wheezing.
  • Cuts: Treatment for Cuts ( Stitching / Suturing ) & Dressing
  • Injury or Fall (At work / play ground / home): Sprains, Strains, Bruises, Fractures, etc.
  • Pains & Aches: Low back pains, Abdominal pains etc.
  • Ear & Eye Conditions: Ear Pain, Ear Infection, Red Eye, Foreign Body in Eye, etc.
  • Vaccination: Flu Shot, Tetanus & Travel Vaccinations, etc.
  • Minor Burns

* We do not provide other services such as X-ray, Ultrasound, Physiotherapy, Dental Surgery, Optometry etc. The said services are only located at our premises ( at Markham McNicoll Medical Centre) and are independently owned and operated and MMUCC is not affiliated to the said service providers.

* Please note that patients with life threatening conditions such as severe chest pain or heart attack symptoms, stroke symptoms, severe trauma, severe abdominal pains or extremely labored breathing should immediately go to the Emergency Department of a Hospital or call 911 for assistance. MMUCC is not associated with any hospital emergency departments.

Interior of MMUCC